Monday, 16 July 2012

Some Unique Maternity Photo Ideas

There is no better way to capture the beauty and magic of pregnancy than by getting a maternity portrait done. Maternity photos have become increasingly popular in the last few years and many photographers come up with innovative maternity photo ideas to make the photo shoot unique for the parents. Pregnancy is one phase of life that will never come back to you in the same form. So, it is best to not miss out on the opportunity and keep your memories alive through these photos.

One of the unique maternity photo idea is that you can do a nude pregnancy picture at around the 37th week of your pregnancy. Have your spouse poses to you and he can pose half naked as well, holding your belly from behind. Both of you  can be either lying down or sitting on the ground but the photo will not show your faces fully.

Yet another idea is to wear a bikini and cool shades. Will make you feel really pretty and confident. You can hold your tummy with both hands and give a side pose smiling at the camera. This will show your confidence and warmth.

One more maternity photo idea is to involve your kids in the maternity photo shoot. Your kid’s face and your tummy can be a part of the photo. You can also paint a face on your tummy and make it look like a baby. It will truly be a memorable experience as a family.

If you are not quite comfortable posing nude but at the same time want to use your entire body in the shoot, a good maternity photo idea is to drape yourself with something sheer. It will be really flattering and results will be amazing combination of dark and light colors. You can stand sideways so that the shape of the belly is clearly visible. You can hold the drape at your breast and from the back. White drape looks elegant and sophisticated. Make sure you choose the right kind of fabric.

Using candlelight is a great maternity photo idea that will highlight your belly and give a dreaming effect. Take this photograph from side with your hands holding your tummy. You can tilt your head a little with a slight smile which will reflect the warmth within you.

Involving the father in the photo shoot can give amazing results. You can stand sideways and your hubby can kiss your belly and at the same time looking into your eyes holding your belly with his hands. You can keep your hands on his and it will show the amazing connection between you, the father and the baby.

One innovative maternity photo idea is to get the portrait done outdoors. It can capture some unique bright colors of nature including trees, flowers and sky. It will look absolutely ‘heavenly.’

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